Vintage Vigour

“We love the things we love, for what they are” – Robert Frost.

They say you don’t get Old; you just become a Classic, and how aptly it is being said. The ecstatic, fond memories of Bell-Bottom pants, Bowler Hats, High Heeled shoes, Ambassador Cars, BEATLES and what not; have always caught our attention and have instilled within our heart a feeling, which can be expressed, literally, with only one word-“CLASSIC”!

Vintage is an expression, a way of living, an idea of the raw, rejuvenating vibe that the bygone era has left behind us.

To quote a famous song of the recent times, “What goes around, Comes back around”, and Vintage is back with a BANG! Relieve your childhood dreams, your heroic fantasies. Be a Dreamer; get your HAT and your HIPSTER shades! Join in the Carnival, Guwahati, cause this January we bring in the era of DISCO and POP right in the heart of our beloved city!!

Be there, to create the Magic.

"The METROPOLIS Urban Winter Festival,
was a big hit amongst people of all ages and surely the next edition
will be bigger and better like always"

The Eclectic NortheastFebruary

"Fest to spread winter cheer"

The TelegraphJanuary

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